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Cooling Pillow!

Chillow Pillow
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Our body's tend to lose most excess heat through the head at night whilst asleep, to thermo regulate body temperature and keep it from overheating.

Most foam and fibre fill pillows however, will tend to trap and hold in this heat rather than dissipate it and not allow the head to cool and as we instinctively tend to constantly turn over or move the pillow to find a cooler spot, the result is more than 65% of us suffering these heat induced interruptions to sleep.

And the problem is exacerbated particularly on hot, sweltering, sultry and humid nights.

You could turn on your air conditioning but a far simpler, easier, more portable and cheaper solution is the CHILLOW PERSONAL COOLING SYSTEM.

You can say goodnight to night sweats, muscular aches and pains and interrupted sleep with the revolutionary CHILLOW PERSONAL COOLING SYSTEM.

Unlike gel and ice packs, the CHILLOW is activated simply by filling it with water, just once. The water is then absorbed into the patented foam core and remains at a perfect cool temperature without the need for refrigeration!

Once filled, and placed on top of a pillow inside or out of the pillow case, the CHILLOW constantly thermo regulates the temperature of the head keeping the head and body at a cool and steady temperature and preventing it from overheating by absorbing the heat and dissipating it rather than trapping it.

CHILLOW PERSONAL COOLING SYSTEM can also help manage fevers hot flushes, and night sweats and even hot feet!

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